Registered Massage Therapy & Yoga

Services, Fees & Policies

Paula Young RMT


I offer Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage Therapy treatments. I may incorporate general swedish, myofascial and visceral release, joint mobilization, dermoneuromodulation techniques, and therapeutic exercise modalities, among others, into your treatments. All treatment plans are discussed prior to hands on treatment time to discuss benefits, goals, and address any concerns that you may have. 

Massage Therapy Fees(GST is included)

$60        30 minute appointment

$90        45 minute appointment

$115      60 minute appointment/1st appointment*

$165      90 minute appointment

Due to COVID-19 only the following methods of payment will be accepted at this time...
E-transfer (prior to appointment start time)

Credit Card and Debit(touchless)

Gift Certificates Available!

*A 60 minute appointment is required for the initial treatment to gather information relevant to each individual patient. During the first treatment, time will be allocated for health history review, assessment, massage treatment, any relevant home-care instructions and re-booking as necessary.


24 hours notice MUST be given if you need to cancel or change your appointment. Failure to attend a scheduled appointment or provide proper notice will be billed for in full. (Exceptions may be made in cases of emergencies). Please contact me as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule your appointment so that I can offer other patients the opportunity to benefit from your original treatment time and to offer you a time that may better suit your schedule.

I am not looking to "fix you". I am looking to aid you in your journey to wellness and to help you maintain a state of wellness once it is achieved. Massage Therapy may not be right for you, or specific modalities (techniques) may not work or have the desired effect for you. It is important to recognize that your constructive feedback is needed as well as your desire to follow up with homecare exercises given to you. You have lived in your body for your whole life and will continue to utilize this body as long as you live. Healthy habits such as proper nutrition and regular pain-free exercise and movement will help you progress to wellness.

There is no "recipe" in Massage Therapy to cure a particular injury or ailment as no two people will ever be identical in body presentation, past experiences, or beliefs. It is my goal that my patients do not walk out of my treatment room feeling as if their concerns are not being properly dealt with. If you are uncomfortable continuing treatment or in pain that is not tolerable during or after treatment, it is your duty to inform me right away if these feelings arise. It does not matter that I am "the professional" or that I may "know more [anatomy and physiology of] about the body". I will always empower you to remember that only you can feel what is occurring within your body and it is only you that will have to endure what you allow your body to go through. YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW YOUR BODY BEST! Trust this. Let's work together!